Audio Visual Fundraiser

Today our student chapter ran our first fundraiser! Since we all love film, music, and television so much, we chose to have an AV sale. Our members collected many of their previously loved and cherishes movies, book, records, and memorabilia and we priced it to sell sell sell!

Previously, our chapter had paid out of pocket for any expenses, so raising funds to expand our chapter’s activities was an important priority this year.

The previous Saturday our President and Vice President spend the day collecting all the AV material and extra items we would need. They then got up extra early to set up the tables in Bissell, the home of the iSchool at the University of Toronto.

We found some really cool stuff! Something for everyone!

Many old format fans dropped by. Thank you everyone who helped out and came to add a few dollars in our pockets. Our sale was a hit, raising more than we could have hoped for. Maybe we will try another AV sale next year.

-Elizabeth, President of AMIA@UofT


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