Choose Your Own Film

On March 2, AMIA at Ryerson was gracious to host a 16mm screening. This was a collaborative event, where our hosts at Ryerson University offered guests a great space for viewing film, and our student chapter brought the movies!


The view from the projection booth.

We has some great films to watch, like “Meetings Bloody Meetings” 1976 (with John Cleese!), “The Professional” 1969 (with Van Johnson!), “The Band Concert” 1935 (First Mickey Mouse cartoon in Technicolor), “Donald Duck the Mechanic” 1935, and “Streamlined Greta Green” 1937. It is important to keep the art of projection alive so that future generations can continue to watch fun shorts like we did this Thursday. Preserving film is an important step in keeping our moving image history accessible for those later on down the road.


Co-Chairs Blanche and Magnus getting the projector ready.

We hope you were able to join us this 16mm night and learned a thing or two about film preservation, and film projection.  

Elizabeth Carroll,

President of AMIA@UofT


Choose Your Own Film

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