AMIA @ UofT Lends a Helping Hand at the 2017 Toronto Silent Film Festival

AMIA @ U of T President Elizabeth Carroll, along with alumni Member at Large Sean Hayes, recently volunteered on behalf of AMIA @ U of T at this year’s Toronto Silent Film Festival, which was held at various cinemas throughout Toronto, April 6-11, 2017.

sean and liz

Elizabeth and Sean (and Buster Keaton) helping out at the Revue Cinema [Credit: Maureen Nolan – Silent Revue]


AMIA @ U of T President Elizabeth Carroll [2016-2017] poses in the ticket booth of the historic Fox Theatre [Credit: Sean Hayes]


The TSFF kicked off at the Royal Cinema on April 6th with the Canadian restoration premiere of Sherlock Holmes (1916), starring William Gillette as the consulting detective.


William Gillette in Sherlock Holmes (1916) (Credit: BBC)

April 7th brought the Canadian restoration premiere of When Knighthood Was In Flower (1922), also at the Royal — an epic romantic action-comedy starring Marion Davies.


When Knighthood Was In Flower (1922) (Credit: IMDB)

On Saturday April 8th, AMIA @ U of T’s own Christina Stewart was given a shout out by acclaimed silent film accompanist/historian Ben Model during Model’s Accidentally Preserved comedy shorts showcase.

Model praised Stewart’s role in the discovery of the lost silent film Secrets of the Night (1924)which was recently located among a large donation of films at the University of Toronto Media Commons Archives.


Silent film accompanist/historian Ben Model (Credit: TSFF)

richard-scott-jordan-klapman-christina-stewart (2)

Christina Stewart speaks at the March 29, 2017 premier of Secrets of the Night (1924) (Credit: CBC)

The highlight of the Accidentally Preserved screenings was surely the recently restored Buster Keaton shorts (The Blacksmith, 1922) and Laurel and Hardy comedies (Battle of the Century, 1927).  There were also several other fun surprises pulled from Model’s personal film collection, and popular Accidentally Preserved DVD releases — including a shot in Toronto workplace safety film from the 1960’s starring a late career Buster Keaton.


Buster on the big screen! The TSFF celebrates 100 years since Buster Keaton entered the film business with a screening of the recently restored Keaton short, The Blacksmith (1922). The evening’s comedy shorts screenings took place at the Revue Cinema. [Credit: Sean Hayes]

April 9th saw a capacity crowd in attendance at the Fox Theater for the long believed lost Chicago (1927), which was located and restored in 2006.


Phillis Haver as Roxie Hart in Chicago (1927) [Credit: Wikipedia]

April 10th and 11th brought screenings of Beyond the Rocks (1922) at Kimbourne Park United Church, and L’Inhumaine (1924) at Innis College, U of T.


Beyond the Rocks (1922) (Credit: Wikipedia)


L’Inhumaine (1924) (Credit: The Red List)

The Toronto Silent Film Festival was proudly co-sponsored this year for the first by AMIA U of T.

Chapter members Rachel E. Beattie and Nathan Moles were also in attendance for many of the screenings to lend their support and enjoy the festivities.

AMIA @ U of T and the Toronto Silent Film Festival will be co-presenting the Canadian restoration premiere of Little Annie Rooney (1925), starring Toronto’s own Mary Pickford, Sunday, April 23 at the Fox Theatre, 2236 Queen Street East!


Mary Pickford in Little Annie Rooney (1925) (Credit: TSFF)


Sean at the Fox [Credit: Elizabeth Carroll]

AMIA @ U of T is very much looking forward to once again co-sponsoring and lending a helping hand at the 2018 TSFF!

See you at the movies.

Sean Hayes

AMIA @ U of T

April 12, 2017


Special thanks to festival organizers Shirley Hughes, Susan O’Hara, and Marc Wonnacott.

For more information on the TSFF visit


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